iXledger is building a collaborative blockchain insurance marketplace which is truly open and transparent.  We work with a strong team of technologists and experienced insurance professionals to create innovative solutions for our clients.

The Marketplace

We are opening our doors for all stakeholders in the insurance chain including but not limited to:

  • Direct insureds
  • Direct brokers
  • Wholesale brokers
  • Insurers
  • Reinsurance brokers
  • Reinsurers
  • Third party specialists
iXledger Marketplace
iXledger Professional Network

Professional Network

Contrary to popular belief, the insurance industry is very much a people’s business.

This is why iXledger embraces data, understands processes, and encourages relationships between people. From underwriters to third party specialists, from insureds to brokers and everything in between.

Without people, technology would be nowhere. And in today’s world, people would be nowhere without technology.

The Insurance Lifecycle

The lifecycle of an insurance policy can be tedious, time consuming and full of unnecessary paperwork. iXledger is working closely with partners to pinpoint bottlenecks in the insurance lifecycle.

From enquiry through to reinsurance placements. iXledger is looking at improving claims management, data management and communications management. Forget sixty day payment terms and monthly Bordereaux submissions. Using our platform you get paid and informed instantly.

The Insurance Lyfecycle

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