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InsurTech and Insurance – Collaboration, Not Disruption

Disruption’ is a common buzzword in many sectors of the modern world, and InsurTech is no exception. Emerging technologies and startups position themselves as disruptors; facing down legacy systems with a combative, David versus Goliath mentality. The insurance...

One nonce at a time: Ethereum blockchain transactions

Blockchain is great, but just as any great new technology it still has a long way to go in terms of infrastructure and development. This article covers one of the many challenges of blockchain development that iXledger engineers have tackled. The Ethereum Transaction...

Creating an API, Helped By Swagger

Writing an API specification can be a dreaded and time-consuming process, depending on how you like to work. Some programmers or architects only really enjoy the part of their work which involves actively writing code, while others thoroughly enjoy documenting their...

What’s next in insurance?

Blockchain and Insurance Businesses in the modern world have an increasing reliance on digital and technological development to remain competitive and meet the demands of customers. While the insurance industry has always had its innovators, it is not a field renowned...




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