iXledger provides next generation blockchain insurance solutions to streamline processes for insurance companies, brokers and stakeholders so they can operate more effectively to better serve customers and facilitate new business opportunities. We work with a strong team of technologists and experienced insurance professionals to create innovative insurance solutions for our clients.

Blockchain Insurance

Getting insurance for your blockchain business presents various challenges: where to start, how to find the right specialist insurers, and how to ensure you have the right cover. By sourcing your insurance via iXledger you can:

  • Manage the risks your blockchain business faces
  • Increase the legitimacy of your blockchain venture
  • Show potential investors and other interested third parties your insurance contract on the Ethereum blockchain

The Marketplace

iXledger is building a collaborative marketplace which is truly open and transparent, covering all aspects of the insurance lifecycle. We are opening our doors for all stakeholders in the insurance chain including but not limited to:

  • Direct insureds
  • Retail brokers
  • Wholesale brokers
  • Insurers
  • Reinsurance brokers
  • Reinsurers
  • Loss adjusters
  • Third party administrators

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